Herbert Marshall McLuhan
Visionary educator of mass communications was born July 21, 1911 in Edmondton, Alberta Canada. Here are some of his persona's in time.
  1911 Baby boy July 21 to Elsie and Herbert in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

   1913 Brother to Maurice

1928-32 Student - B.A. University of Manitoba.

   1934 Graduate Student - MA from University of Manitoba. 

        Converted from Engineer to English Literature.

        Studied Elizabethean rhetoric.

   1936 Undergraduate Student - B.A. Cambridge University

1936-37 Teacher - University of Wisconsin

   1937 Catholic - converted to the Catholic faith

1937-44 Teacher at the University of St. Louis

   1939 Husband - Married Texan Corinne Lewis of Fort Worth, Texas

   1939 Graduate - M.A. Cambridge University

   1940 Teacher - St. Louis University, and Windsor University

   1942 Doctor PhD, Trinity College, Cambridge University thesis: 

        The Place of Thomas Nash in the Learning of his Time. 

        Studied how speech & writing affected the history of civilizations.

   1942 Father to Thomas Eric

1944-46 Teacher - Assumption University, Windsor, Ontario

   1945 Father to twins Mary & Teresa in October

1946-79 Professor of Literature - St. Michael's College, University of Toronto.

   1947 Father to Stephanie

   1950 Father to Elizabeth

   1951 Author The Mechanical Bride; Folklore of Industrial Man.

   1952 Father to Michael

1953-59 Co-editor of "Explorations Magazine" with Edmund Carpenter.

   1962 Author The Gutenberg Galaxy: The Making of Typographic Man.

   1963 Director of Centre for Culture and Technogy

   1964 Author Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man

   1965 Visitor to San Francisco McLuhan Festival in August

   1967 Researcher at Fordham U., New York City accepts Schweitzer chair

   1967 Author The Medium is the Massage

   1967 Patient for brain tumor operation - longest in US medical history (22 hrs)

   1968 Author War and Peace in the Global Village

   1968 Author Through the Vanishing Point:Space in Poetry and Painting

   1968 Appointment to the Albert Schweitzer Chair in the Humanities, 

        Fordham University, New York.

   1970 Author From Cliche To Archetype

   1970 Grandfather to Jennifer of Mary

   1979 Stroke Victim September 25, 1979, never wrote again.

   1980 Died Dec 31 at home in Toronto